PeopleSoft Overview

Silk Performer offers support for load testing of PeopleSoft 8.x applications. This support is based on Silk Performer's Web page-level support.

The PeopleSoft project type adds PeopleSoft-specific enhancements for:

  • Automatic handling of dynamic data (session handling)

  • Detection of application level errors with fine grained customization of error severities

  • Ease of customization of login data, thinktimes, page timer names and also access to table rows for easier randomization

Wrapper Functions

The BDH files contain wrapper functions for all page-level API functions. These wrapper functions call the original API functions and perform some additional tasks.

The following wrapper functions are defined:

Wrapper function Wrapped original function
WebPageUrlPS WebPageUrl
WebPageLinkPS WebPageLink
WebPageSubmitPS WebPageSubmit
WebPageSubmitBinPS WebPageSubmitBin
WebPageFormPS WebPageForm
WebPageFileUploadPS WebPageFileUpload