Enable Server-Side Tracing

PeopleSoft offers the option to enable detailed server-side tracing for individual login session. Scripts should be recorded without tracing being enabled, because this would enable tracing for all virtual users.

Instead, server-side tracing can be enabled on a virtual user basis by inserting a call to the EnableTracingPS function in the TInit transaction, as shown in the sample below. The form used for login must be passed to this function. It is important to note that tracing should only be enabled for individual virtual users. Enabling tracing for all virtual users would impose significant overhead on servers and could skew test results.

Enabling tracing for one virtual user

transaction TInit
  // ...
  if GetUserId() = 1 then
end TInit;

    "httpPort" := "" <USE_HTML_VAL> ,
    "timezoneOffset" := "-60",
    "userid" := gsUserId,
    "pwd" := gsPassword,
    "Submit" := "" <USE_HTML_VAL> ;

Tracing options can be modified by editing the Tracing.csv file, which is available in the Data Files node of the project tree view.