Exporting Projects

.NET Explorer enables you to export projects to Silk Performer and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Exporting to Silk Performer from .NET Explorer is helpful for QA personnel who are proficient with Silk Performer in facilitating analysis of .NET components and want to create Silk Performer projects, test case specifications, and scripts from which load tests can be run.

Exporting to Microsoft Visual Studio from .NET Explorer is helpful for developers who want to use .NET Explorer to quickly generate basic test scripts that can be modified in Microsoft Visual Studio.

When a developer opens an exported .NET Explorer project in Visual Studio, the virtual user classes, test methods, and all code are generated automatically. From here a developer can add more methods, perform modifications, or execute Try Script runs to confirm the accuracy of scripts. Once a script is ready, it can be passed along to QA in BDL form for use in Silk Performer.

The other approach available to developers is to export projects directly to Silk Performer as .NET projects.