Defining Number of VUsers per Cloud Agent

  1. Click Assign Agents on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Assign Agents dialog box appears.
  2. Click Use Cloud Agents. The Workflow - Prepare Cloud Agents dialog box appears.
  3. Slide the slider to the right to select the number of VUsers that you want to have run on each cloud agent.
    Markers along the slider indicate the number of VUsers that can typically be supported by cloud-based agents when testing various application types. However, the maximum number of VUsers per cloud agent, regardless of application type, is 1,000. The number of VUsers that can actually be supported for your testing scenario may vary of course, depending on the complexity and resource consumption of your specific test. The Workload text field shows the maximum number of VUsers that have been defined for each user type (as defined on the Workflow - Workload Configuration dialog box). The Assignment per region table shows the resulting allocation of agents across all geographic regions based on your selection. For example, with a Workload setting of 100 VUsers and a setting of 20 max VUsers per agent across five geographic regions, each region will run 20 VUsers. The higher the maximum VUsers per agent setting, the fewer agent instances required within each geographic region to support the prescribed workload.
  4. Click Next. The Start Agent(s) dialog box appears showing you the number of agent instances within each geographic region that will be started to deliver the prescribed workload.
  5. Within the Up Time area of the dialog box, specify how long you want the agent instances to remain active. Select Forever or a specific number of days and/or hours. The Company Limit shows the remaining number of agent instances that you can start based on your license type.
  6. Click Start to open Cloud Agent Manager and start the specified number of cloud agent instances.