Silk Performer Visual Studio Extension

The Silk Performer Visual Studio extension allows you to implement test drivers in Microsoft Visual Studio that are compatible with Silk Performer. Such test drivers can be augmented with Silk Performer features that facilitate test organization, verification, performance measurement, test data generation, and reporting.

Tests created with the extension can be run either within Microsoft Visual Studio, with full access to Silk Performer's functionality, or within Silk Performer, for concurrency and load testing scenarios.

The extension offers the following features:
  • Writing test code in any of the main .NET languages (C# or VB.NET).
  • Testing Web services / .NET Remoting objects and redirecting HTTP traffic over the Silk Performer Web engine to take advantage of features such as modem simulation and IP-address multiplexing. SOAP envelopes can also be explored using TrueLog Explorer.
  • Defining virtual users and their transactions through .NET custom attributes. A BDL script is generated automatically based on the custom attributes that have been applied to classes/methods.
  • Running TryScript tests from within Microsoft Visual Studio with the ability to watch virtual user output in a tool window within Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Exploring the results of Try Scripts.