Configuring Code Generation Settings

  1. Click Tools > System Settings. The System Settings dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. In the Code Generation section, check the check boxes that correspond to the settings that you want to activate. The following options define how code is generated when you export to a standalone application, JUnit, or a Silk Performer Java Framework project:
    Try-Catch block in every method
    By checking or unchecking this check box, you also check or uncheck the init test case in the Verification Wizard.
    If checked, adds verifications to the generated code.
    Silk Performer Measures
    If checked, adds Silk Performer MeasureStart and MeasureStop functions to the generated Silk Performer Java Framework code. For additional information about measures, refer to Silk Performer Help.
  4. Click OK to confirm your changes.