Content Pane

TrueLog Explorer provides multiple views of all received data. Depending on the type of application under test (Web, XML, database, TCP/IP, or UDP), the Content pane offers different viewing options:

Item Description
Response (HTML & XML) The Response page displays the visually rendered response from the server for the selected API node in the menu tree. HTML responses are rendered by an Internet Explorer control running behind the Response page. XML responses are displayed by an XML control that displays XML data in a menu tree format. Responses that are neither HTML or XML are not rendered and must be viewed using the In Body page. You can right-click elements and attributes in the XML control to expand the menu tree by one or more levels.
SQL Command Suppressed for XML
Differences (HTTP based applications) The Differences page lists the In Body differences between selected nodes. This page is helpful in finding dynamic information in server responses. It is the first place to look for session information.

Only applicable in difference mode.

Request (HTML & XML) Displays the request data returned by the server. It displays posted XML data in a menu-tree formatted XML control. Elements are displayed in magenta. Attributes are displayed in cyan.