TrueLog Tree Filter

The TrueLog tree filter allows you to hide nodes and make a tree short and clear. This can be especially helpful when you work with large TrueLog files. You may want to hide image nodes during session customization.

Note that a filter applies to a specific TrueLog. You can apply several filters with different settings to different TrueLogs. To enable and disable a filter, select a TrueLog in the tree and click Toggle Tree Filter on the Tree Filter toolbar. If this toolbar is not visible, enable it by clicking View > Toolbars and Docking Windows. When a filter is active, the keyword filtered displays beside the TrueLog root node and filter icons display beside the visible nodes.

To configure a TrueLog tree filter, click View > Configure Tree Filter or use the button on the toolbar. You can specify general settings and type-specific settings. Select a TrueLog type and click the check boxes to show and hide specific nodes.

You can apply the filter in two ways:

In Compare Mode TrueLog Explorer shows two trees, one for the main view and one for the compare view. You can synchronize the filters in both trees by clicking View > Keep Tree Filters Synchronized.