Customizing TrueLog Explorer

This section explains how to adapt TrueLog Explorer customization, view, and TrueLog generation features to your specific needs. TrueLog Explorer option settings enable you to configure the display of data, the definition of delimiters for detecting differences, and the generation of virtual user reports. Customization features enable you to customize UI commands and the display of toolbars.

Compare mode enables the direct comparison of record and replay TrueLogs, one API node at a time. Differences mode automatically identifies and lists differences between record and replay TrueLogs for Web, XML, and database applications via the Differences page. Differences mode also displays differences in text-based format on the In Body, Out Body, In Header, Out Header, and BDL pages by rendering differing text in green and red.

When enabled, TrueLog Explorer animation displays replay content (graphics, text, and SQL commands) in real-time as it is downloaded.

Finally, as the generation of TrueLog files can be CPU/memory intensive, this section shows you how to use Silk Performer to adjust the characteristics of TrueLogs and the criteria by which they are generated.