Recording Rule Files

Recording rule files are written in XML and have the file extension .xrl. They contain the rules for the Silk Performer Recorder.

Project specific recording rules are stored in the documents directory of the respective project, for example: <my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\TestProj\Documents\

Global recording rule files are stored in the public or the user's RecordingRules directory, for example: <public user documents>\Silk Performer <version>\RecordingRules\

The root node for all recording rule file node trees is RecordingRuleSet. Here are the three types of recording rules with their respective XML node:
  • HTTP parsing rules: HttpParsingRule
  • TCP rules for WebTcpipRecvProto(Ex): TcpRuleRecvProto
  • TCP rules for WebTcpipRecvUntil: TcpRuleRecvUntil