Oracle Forms Properties

What Are Properties?

Controls on an Oracle Forms Form Window have several internal properties that can be defined, for example current value, cursor position, editablilty, and visibility. Each property has a unique ID that is used internally to identify a certain property. Each possible property is defined as a constant in OraForms.bdh. The following is a short list of commonly used properties:
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The properties are set by the server or are modified by actions that the client performs on the controls, for example the ORA_PID_VALUE property will be changed to the next value of a text control if the user alters the control's content.

How To Access Properties

You can access the property values of each control in your application. There are several OraFormsGetProp{Type} functions that allow you to retrieve the values of certain properties that are identified by their unique ID's.

It is not possible to change properties in a direct way. Properties are changed via various API functions that allow you to interact with controls as a user would in a user interface.