Exporting a JUnit TestSuite

To export a JUnit TestSuite:
  1. Click Export > JUnit Test Case.
  2. Click Open Dialog ... next to the File Name text box. The Scripting page of the Project Settings dialog box opens.
  3. Specify a name for the exported file in the Test Class for JUnit text box.
  4. Click OK. The Project Settings dialog box closes.
  5. Click Browse ... next to the Directory text box to select the target directory.
  6. Check the Open Test Suite in JUnit check box to start the JUnit testrunner directly from the Java Explorer GUI.
  7. Click OK. Java Explorer confirms that the settings are correct. If the settings are not correct, the JUnit page of the System Settings dialog box opens. You can select the TestRunner that is to be used to run JUnit tests from the Kind of TestRunner to use list box. The Add archive(s) to classpath button next to the Archives necessary to run JUnit box enables you to specify the classpath information required to run the selected TestRunner.