AJAX-Support Overview

TrueLog Explorer and Silk Performer enable access to values within AJAX requests. This facilitates TrueLog Explorer script customizations such as input-data parameterization, verification functions, parsing functions, and session-information customization within AJAX responses.

Pretty Formatted JSON and XML Data

JSON and XML are data-structure formats commonly used in AJAX applications, REST techniques, and other environments. TrueLog Explorer supports pretty-formatted viewing of XML and JSON-formatted byte streams in recorded scripts. Enhanced rendering of JSON formatted data enables the customization of string values via TrueLog Explorer customization functions, such as string verification and parsing.

Pretty-formatted JSON view is also supported in compare mode, in which you can compare record and replay sessions side by side and automatically detect differences.

Note: TrueLog Explorer offers the option of viewing JSON data in either pretty-formatted JSON-rendering view or as a raw JSON byte stream, though script customization features such as verification and parsing are not supported in raw data view.

Pretty-formatted data viewing is also available in Silk Performer to facilitate readability and B.F. script customizations.