Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

The script editor provides a number of keyboard shortcuts and keyboard mouse combinations that facilitate the scripting work.

press and hold Shift+Alt and drag with mouse Vertical selection. This lets you edit several rows at once. You can also use the arrow keys instead of the mouse to expand the selection.
press and hold Alt and press the arrow up/arrow down key Move the current line/selected lines up and down.
press and hold Ctrl and click an identifier Takes you to the definition of the identifier (go to jump).
Ctrl+Minus Takes you back to your previous position. Particularly useful after a go to jump.
Ctrl+Space Opens the code completion box.
Ctrl+i Shows the parameter information box.
double-click the vertical line of a group Collapses the group.
Ctrl+Shift+L Deletes the current line.
Ctrl+Enter Creates a new line above the current line.
Ctrl+U Converts the selected text to lower case.
Ctrl+Shift+U Converts the selected text to upper case.
Tab Increments the indentation.
Shift+Tab Decrements the indentation.
Ctrl+Q Comments the selected lines.
Ctrl+W Uncomments the selected lines.
Ctrl+G Go to line. Lets you jump to a specific line in the script.