Creating a .NET Project

Silk Performer ships with an add-on and a project wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET must be installed on your machine prior to the installation of the add-on. The project wizard creates a .NET project in one of the supported .NET languages, which are C# or VB.NET, and generates a sample test driver into which you only have to add your test code into the test methods. You can insert calls to .NET components, Web services and BDL functions, like MeasureStart, MeasureStop, and others.

This wizard can be invoked either by creating a new .NET project with Silk Performer or by creating a new Silk Performer project in Visual Studio .NET. In either case you start with a new Silk Performer .NET project in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET with the sample test code file open.

PerfDotNetFW.dll is a .NET assembly that ships with Silk Performer. It implements all classes, custom attributes, and enums that can be used to define meta information for automatic Silk Performer BDL script generation and calls BDL functions from within the .NET test driver. PerfDotNetFW.dll is discussed in great detail later in this chapter. The assembly is automatically referenced by the generated project.