Silk Performer SOA Edition Licensing

What is the Silk Performer SOA edition?

The Silk Performer SOA edition (Service Oriented Architecture) is specifically targeted at testing remote services and APIs, such as web services or remote Java and .NET components.

How does the SOA edition licensing work?

The SOA edition is a complete Silk Performer installation that is restricted by a SOA edition license. This license enables you to
  • execute load tests with up to 5 virtual users
  • perform .NET or Java testing
  • perform basic web and XML testing

What can be tested with the SOA Edition?

To be able to test remote components, you need to create test clients first. Silk Performer offers the following approaches to create test clients:
  • visual creation using Java Explorer (requires no programming)
  • visual creation using .NET Explorer (requires no programming)
  • recording an existing test client
  • importing JUnit tests
  • importing NUnit tests
  • importing Java classes
  • importing .NET classes