Modifying Project Settings Through the Command Line

Command Syntax

PerfProj.exe is a tool that lets you modify or query settings of a Silk Performer project through the command line.

To start PerfProj.exe from a command line, use the following syntax:

perfProj.exe –ltp project file {[-sh standard host] [-sp standard port] [-af agents list file]} | {[-list profiles|workloads|usertypes] [-wl workload]}

Here are some sample commands with sample parameters:

perfProj.exe –ltp "<my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\SPProject\SPProject.ltp" –sh "" –sp 80 
perfProj.exe –ltp "<my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\SPProject\SPProject.ltp" –af "<my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\SPProject\agents.txt"
perfProj.exe –ltp "<my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\SPProject\SPProject.ltp" –list profiles 
perfProj.exe –ltp "<my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\SPProject\SPProject.ltp" –list usertypes –wl Workload1
Note: When files or folders in the project path contain spaces, include quotation marks (") around the project path.

Command Line Parameters

Parameter Description
-ltp The path of the project to be executed. Specify an .ltp or .ltz file.
-sh The new standard host.
-sp The new standard port.
-af The path to a file containing a list of agents. The listed agents will replace the current agents of the project.
Note: Make sure that every agent in the list is on its own line.
-list Query the project. Use one of the following options:
  • profiles
  • workloads
  • usertypes
-wl If the list parameter is usertypes, this parameter specifies for which workload the usertypes will be listed.
? Displays the help.