Outlining Projects

When you create a Silk Performer load test you must define the basic settings for the load test project. The project is given a name, and optionally a brief description can be added. The type of application to be tested is specified from a range of choices that includes all of the major traffic available today on the Internet and on the Web, including the most important database and distributed applications.

The settings that are specified are associated with a particular load test project. It is easy to switch between different projects, to edit projects, and to save projects so that they can later be modified and reused.

A project contains all the resources needed to complete a load test. These include a workload, one or more profiles and load test scripts, a specific number of agent computers and information for server-side monitoring, and all the data files that are accessed from the script. Options for all of these resources are available directly from the project node in the Project menu tree.