RegExpr and RegExprTag Attribute

Value Description
Type Strings, Numbers
Default (empty), 0

These two attributes specify a regular expression that is used for searching rule hits. If the attribute RegExprTag is not omitted, it must specify the number of a tagged sub-expression within the given regular expression.

Rule hits are searched for by applying the given regular expression to HTTP responses. Each substring of an HTTP response that matches the regular expression is a rule hit. If the attribute RegExprTag is specified, the rule hit is not the entire match, but the given tagged sub-expression.



 - name="1234"
 - name="0"
 - name="007"
 - ...

Note: Recording rules use the regular expression implementation as described in Structure of Regular Expressions. Additionally, some characters need special encoding since recording rules are stored in XML format. For more information, see Writing XML Files.