Creating the Recording Profile

When you want to record and replay HTTP traffic to test SOAP over HTTP-based Web services, you need to create a recording profile for the client application that you want to record.
  1. Click Model Script on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Model Script dialog box appears.
  2. Click Settings. The System Settings - Recorder dialog box appears.
  3. In the System group box, click Recorder. The Recording Profiles page opens.
  4. Click Add to add a new recording profile to the list. The Recording Profile dialog box opens.
  5. Type a name for the recording profile in the Profile name text box. For example Internet Explorer.
  6. Click Browse ... next to the Application path text box and select the path to the application executable. For example C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Explorer.exe.
  7. Define the Working directory. For example C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer.
  8. Define the Program arguments. For example about:blank.
  9. Select the application type from the Application Type list box. For example MS Internet Explorer.
  10. In the Protocol selection area, check the check box that corresponds to the protocol that you want to use. For example, check the Web check box.
  11. To configure the recording profile for WinSock recording click Web Settings, which enables you to select the method that the Recorder is to use to capture Web and TCP/IP-based traffic.
  12. Click OK.