Recording a Script

Record a script with your created recording profile. Interact with your client application and the recorder will record all SOAP requests that are executed over HTTP/HTTPS. When you are finished, close the application and save the recorded script.
  1. Click Model Script on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Model Script dialog box appears.
  2. Select one of the listed browsers from the Recording Profile list, depending on the browser you want to use for recording.
  3. In the URL field, enter the URL that is to be recorded.
  4. Click Start recording. The Silk Performer Recorder dialog opens in minimized form, and the client application starts.
  5. To see a report of the actions that happen during recording, maximize the Recorder dialog by clicking the Change GUI size button. The maximized Recorder opens at the Actions page.
  6. Interact with your client application. The recorder records all SOAP requests that are executed over HTTP/HTTPS.
  7. To end recording, click the Stop Recording button.
  8. Enter a name for the .bdf file and save it. The Capture File page displays. Click Generate Script to generate a script out of the capture file.