Instantiating Client Proxy Objects

To instantiate a client proxy object you can declare a variable of the client proxy class as a public member variable of the .NET test driver. The variable should be instantiated either in the constructor or in the Init transaction. The first part of the namespace where the proxy class is generated is the name of your project, as this is the default namespace.
  1. Once you have instantiated a proxy class object, make calls to the service by inserting Web Service invocation code into a main transaction. Call the Web Service methods using simple parameters.
  2. Use MeasureStart and MeasureStop to measure the time required for the methods to execute.
  3. Print the result of the echoString method.
You can also call a Web Service method that takes an object as a parameter. To do this, instantiate the object, set the member values, and pass the object to the Web Service.
Note: You can catch exceptions and log them in the TrueLog.