Inserting Timer Functions

To insert a new timer session, you must load a replay TrueLog and enable TrueLog Explorer Explorer mode.

Note: To enable the insertion of timers and other script-modification features, your TrueLog must be up-to-date (in sync). If your TrueLog is not up-to-date, execute a Try Script run to synchronize it.

Measure functions, or timers, can be inserted into BDL scripts to measure the amount of time that transpires from the execution of one transaction to the execution of the next transaction. The results of measure functions are displayed along with summary reports for virtual users.

Note: You can insert a new timer session between the MeasureStart and MeasureStop functions of any preexisting timer.
  1. Right-click an API node in the menu tree where the timer is to begin and choose Start New Timer. The Start Timer dialog box opens.
  2. Enter a name for the timer and click OK. A new MeasureStart function is inserted into the BDL script at that node.
  3. Right-click the API node where the timer is to end and choose Stop Timer. The Stop Timer dialog box opens.
  4. Select the timer that you want to stop and click OK. A new MeasureStop function is inserted into the BDL script at that node.
Note: When inserting multiple timers into a single script, or if you are uncertain if you have stopped all inserted timers, use the New Timer Session function to stop all previous timers before inserting timers. New Timer Session inserts a MeasureStop function for all unresolved timers before inserting a MeasureStart for a new timer session.