Complete Installation

Features installed with a complete Silk Performer installation:

  • Silk Performer Workbench
  • Silk Performer Agent
  • Performance Explorer
  • TrueLog Explorer
  • Java Explorer
  • .NET Explorer
  • all samples
Note: To avoid potential issues, make sure to run the installation with an administrator account that has unrestricted rights.
  1. Download and double-click the Silk Performer installer to start the setup wizard.
  2. The Copyright Information page displays. Click Next to read the Introduction, then click Next again.
  3. The License Agreement page displays. Read the license agreement carefully. If you accept the terms of the agreement, enable the I accept the terms of the License Agreement check box, then click Next.
  4. Click the Silk Performer 21.0 install set to install a complete Silk Performer environment and click Next.
  5. The Customize Installation page displays. Select the components you want to install:
    • Silk Performer 21.0 Workbench : Select this option to install a complete Silk Performer environment for load testing, Java and .NET applications.
    • Advanced Installation: Select this option to select which optional tools you want to install together with Silk Performer.
  6. The Choose Install Folder page displays. Specify the installation folder:
    1. Click Choose.
    2. Specify the installation folder.
    3. Click OK.
    4. To restore the default installation directory, click Restore Default Folder.
    Note: Product subfolders (for Silk Performer or TrueLog Explorer, for example) will be created automatically.
    Note: Silk Performer must be installed on a local drive.
  7. Select whether or not a desktop shortcut icon shall be created and click Next.
  8. Review the information on the Pre-Installation Summary page.
    • To change any settings, click Previous to return to the appropriate page.
    • If you are satisfied with the settings, click Install to start the installation process.
    The status bar on the Installing page provides information about the installation process.
  9. The Choose licensing mode page displays. Select one of the following options and click Next:
    • Evaluation – Installs an evaluation version of Silk Performer, which grants you full product functionality for 45 days. The usage is limited to 10 virtual users. To upgrade to a full version at a later point in time, contact your sales representative.
    • Licensed – Installs an unrestricted version of Silk Performer, which requires a Silk Performer license.
  10. Depending on the components you have selected for installation, the Select Licensing Option page displays. If you have not installed any of the components that require licensing and the page does not open, proceed to the next step. Select one of the following options and click Next:
    • Use a license server (floating licenses): In the Host field, type the name of the computer on which Silk Meter or AutoPass is installed. Do not change the default port number, (5461 for Silk Meter, 5814 for AutoPass), unless your network administrator has defined a different port. Click Test Connection to verify that the license server is accessible on the specified host and port.
      Note: In some cases, specifying the simple name of the license server in the Host field, such as licenseserver, might not work. A message box stating Connection to Silk Meter license server failed opens. To resolve this issue, specify the hostname by using a fully qualified name, such as
    • Use a standalone license: Runs Silk Meter standalone. Specify the location of your Silk Meter license file using the Choose button.
  11. The Network Emulation Driver Installation page displays (this page does not display on Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016). The network emulation driver is required for packet loss and latency simulation. It is not required for network bandwidth simulation. Select one of the following options, then click Next:
    • Install the network emulation driver
    • Skip network emulation driver installation.
    Note: During installation and uninstallation of the network emulation driver, the network will be disconnected for a moment.
    Note: The network emulation driver is not compatible with all network adapters. In such a case, machines or network interfaces might no longer be accessible and the network might slow down.
    Note: The network emulation driver does not support Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and 2019.
  12. The Installation Complete page displays. Click Done to complete the installation.
    Note: If a file cannot be updated during the installation because a system library is locked by Windows, you are prompted to restart your computer. If you do not restart your computer, you might experience problems when accessing Silk Performer.
    Note: In case the installation fails, you can view the log file Install.log in the installation folder.