Analyzing TrueLog On Error

Complete a load test.
  1. Click the Silk Performer Explore Results button. The Workflow - Explore Results dialog box appears.
  2. Click TrueLog Explorer.
    Note: The TrueLog Explorer option is disabled if no TrueLogs are found.
    TrueLog Explorer launches with all of the TrueLog On Error files that were generated for the current test open. The Find Error dialog box is displayed.
    Note: If more than 100 TrueLog files are associated with the test, a dialog appears stating that only the first 100 TrueLogs will be opened automatically.
  3. Select All Open TrueLogs (the default) from the Search in list box. Search sequentially for errors in all open TrueLogs.
  4. Select a TrueLog in the menu tree
  5. Select selected TrueLog only from the Search in list box. Search sequentially for errors in only a selected TrueLog.
    Note: TrueLog On Error files are listed chronologically.
  6. Select the type of error you’re looking for (error, warning or informational) in the Find what portion of the dialog.
  7. Specify a search strategy (Start from selected node or Start with first error) in the Search strategy portion of the dialog.
  8. Navigate between errors using the Find Next and Find Previous buttons.
    Tip: When testing Web applications, errors often occur one or two steps before they manifest themselves in page content as non-loading images, error messages, etc.