Agent Health Control Measures

Describes the measures that are used for analyzing an agent's health.
Measure Description
CPU utilization The percentage of time that a processor is busy executing tasks. If the processor utilization is equal to or near 100%, the computer has run out of available processing capacity.
Memory The percentage amount of memory allocated (committed) by the driver machine in relation to the total amount of physical RAM. High memory utilization indicates that the driver machine is low on available memory, and this situation can cause disk swapping, which degrades the overall performance of the computer.
Note: Task Manager may show different memory statistics depending on your operating system.

For most Silk Performer project types the responsiveness measure is determined directly by the internal measure System Health.

For Silk Performer projects of type SAP GUI, Citrix, or browser driven load testing (BDLT), the responsiveness measure also takes into account the health of the application under test (SAP GUI or perfBrowserHost.exe). This health is indicated by the internal App Health value. The overall Responsiveness measure corresponds to the worse of these two health values.