Application-Level Errors

PeopleSoft does not use HTTP response status codes to indicate application-level errors. Instead, it returns HTML with status code 200 Success, even when the HTML contains error messages.

There are two error message types:
  • Error messages embedded in HTML.
  • Error messages in the parameters of JavaScript functions (Alert) that display dialog boxes.

Additionally, not all messages that are displayed with an Alert function are error messages. Some messages are simply informational, for example: Record has been saved.

If severe errors occur, transactions should not be continued.

Using the PeopleSoft SilkEssential package, recorded scripts are automatically able to handle application-level errors. When severe errors occur, errors of SEVERITY_TRANS_EXIT severity are raised and virtual users gracefully terminate their transactions by signing out. It is strongly recommended to enable the Trulog On Error option to fully benefit from this feature.