This section lists error messages that might display during setup and suggests ways of solving them:

Error Message Remarks
SYSTEM: 53 - The network path was not found . Invalid host name specified or host not reachable. Check -host parameter and make sure the machine is running.
SYSTEM: 1326 - The user name or password is incorrect . Check -user and -pwduser parameters. If you are using the credentials of the built-in administrator of the remote machine, make sure the account is enabled.

Info: Connected to remote machine.

Warning: Could not start Remote Registry service.

Error: Could not install and start temporary service.

Remote setup failed!

SYSTEM: 5 - Access is denied.

The remote machine could be reached with the given credentials but permissions of the specified user do not allow to start the installer process. Turn off User Account Control (UAC) on the remote machine or use its built-in administrator account.

Check whether Remote Registry is running.

System: 1219 - The supplied credentials conflict with an existing set of credentials. A network connection to the target computer already exists.

A network connection to the target computer already exists. This connection was established with a different user/password combination.

Execute the following DOS command to close the connection:

net use \\<machine name> /delete

To check if the connection has been closed, execute the following DOS command:

net use

PerfOrb: 23 - The connection could not be established. A connection attempt to the remote machine failed. Make sure the Windows firewall is disabled and User Account Control (UAC) is turned off.

Error: Could not install Remote Agent Setup on remote machine.

Remote setup failed!

PerfOrb: 20 - The orb is not connected.

The connection to the machine was lost during installation. Restart the remote installer.