Inserting a Status-Parsing Function

  1. Right-click a status in Host Screen Info view and choose Parse Status Value.
    Note: This function can also be accessed by right-clicking a field in Host Screen view.
  2. The Insert Status Parsing Function dialog box offers settings by which the parsing function can be adjusted. Though the default settings will likely be appropriate, you can adjust the following settings:
    • Status: From the list box of existing status names, select the status for which you want to insert a parsing function.
    • Parameter name: Enter a name for the parameter that is to receive the result of the parsing function.
    • Informational statement insertion: Check Print statement to insert an informational Print statement into the script. This will write the result of the parsing function to the Silk Performer Virtual User Output window. Check Writeln statement to write the parsed value to an output file to facilitate debugging (in addition to writing the value to the Virtual User Output window as a Print statement does). Because generating output files alters the time measurements of tests, these files should only be used for debugging purposes and should not be generated for full load tests.
  3. Click OK to insert the parsing statement into your test script.