Setting Default Reporting Options

  1. Click the Performance Explorer Application Button (on the top left) and click Options.
  2. Click the Reporting tab.
  3. To automatically display an overview report when you start exploring the results of a test, check the Generate overview reports automatically check box. An overview report contains the most important results of a test, such as the number of virtual users that were active, the number of transactions that were executed, and the number of errors that occurred.
  4. To display null values in charts, check the Show NULL values in charts check box. If you uncheck this check box, Performance Explorer replaces each null value with a direct line from the preceding to the following value.
  5. To use a previously stored template for the creation of overview reports, check the Use template when creating a new overview report check box, click [...], and select the template. The selected template is used to create a new overview report for all projects.
  6. Click OK.