Classes Tab

All loaded classes and Web services are listed in the Java Explorer Loaded Components pane on the Classes tab.

Only constructors, static methods, and members are displayed, as there is no object context required to call them.

Web services and remotable interfaces are treated as if they only have static methods.

The following folders are available in Classes view:

Remote Objects

Home interfaces of EJBs on remote servers. The home interfaces are looked up on a naming service through JNDI. Invoking a create method on EJB home objects instantiates EJB objects on servers.

Web Services

Stub classes, which are helper classes that encapsulate network communications. Axis classes are derived from org.apache.axis.client.Stub or org.apache.axis2.client.Stub, depending on the selected Web service plugin in Tools > Project Settings > Web Service Plugin. When you use the Metro client stub, classes are derived from Asynchronous method calls are not allowed and therefore are not shown.

Other Classes

Other Java classes, that do not fit in the above listed categories, and the application under test (AUT) are included in this folder.