Filter Options for NUnit Methods

This table lists the filters that are available in the Methods area when you import a test class.

NUnit Method Description
Parameterless Functions Only Ignore all functions that expect parameters
Unit Test Functions Only (selected by default) Ignore all functions that are not NUnit
Member Functions Only Ignore all non-member functions
Public Functions (selected by default) Include public functions
Protected Functions Include protected functions
Private Functions Include functions with private access
Package Functions Include functions with package access
Declared Functions Only Ignore functions from the base classes
Complex Functions (selected by default) Show functions that take complex parameters. In Java, complex parameters are scripted by DotNetSetObject with NULL as the default value.
Autodetect Unit Test Functions (selected by default)

Automatically detect and script functions. Functions must not have parameters or return values.

Methods marked with [SetUp] and [TearDown] (for NUnit) respectively [TestInitialize] and [TestCleanup] (for Microsoft Unit Tests) are invoked prior to and following each method.