Configuring Remote Agent Java Settings

  1. Navigate to System > Settings > Java.
  2. Click the Remote tab.
  3. Enable Use different settings for remote agents. If this option is disabled, the Java settings for the Silk Performer controller will be applied to the agents also. The Java settings for the controller are defined on the General tab.
  4. Specify the direcotry of the Java home path in the Java 32-bit home or Java 64-bit home field, depending on what Java architecutre you use. This option enables the Java Virtual Machine to be loaded from a different path than is specified in the PATH environment so that you can switch between various Java Virtual Machines without changing the system PATH environment. The classpath specified for the Java Virtual Machine is displayed in the Classpath field. By default the classpath is set to the system classpath.
    Note: Classpath entries in the Classpath field can be edited manually.
  5. In the Command line options text box, type any command-line options to pass to the Java Virtual Machine.
  6. Click OK.