Test Case Definition

Three approaches are available for defining tests with .NET Explorer:
  • Use the Load File Wizard to define where the information for the object you wish to test is located. The wizard then displays the available classes, automatically instantiates the available objects, and calls methods on those objects. This approach is more involved, but it offers more control.
  • Enter the location of the Web services’ WSDL file directly into .NET Explorer’s WSDL/DLL field and click Load. Information about the methods and objects is then displayed, however objects are not instantiated and methods are not called. This approach offers a quick, simple approach to analyzing remote service functionality.
  • Import a COM wrapper via the Load COM Type Libraries dialog (Model > Test COM Classes).

For demonstration purposes this Help uses the Load File Wizard to instantiate the objects available on the sample Web service, which is available at http://demo.borland.com/BorlandSampleService/BorlandSampleService.asmx?WSDL.