Hooking a Win32 Client Application

Before proceeding, start the message server.

  1. Create a new Silk Performer project of type Web Services > XML/SOAP.
  2. Add a new recording profile for MessageWin32Client.exe.
    1. From the Silk Performer Application type list box, select Custom Application.
    2. In the Protocol selection area, check the Web check box. The Silk Performer Recorder intercepts all function calls and displays the results.
  3. Begin recording a script.
  4. Perform actions using MessageWin32Client (for example, connect, login, send, and logout).
  5. End recording. For each call made in the Win32 client application there is a WebUrlPostBin call and a SOAP envelope.
  6. Review the recorded script.
  7. Execute a Try Script run using the recorded script. Monitor details of the test run in the Server Console window.