Defining a User Type

To define user types for the active workload:
  1. Click Define User Types on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Define User Types dialog box appears.
  2. Optional: Narrow down the list of Available User Types by selecting entries from the Script and Profile lists.
  3. Optional: Click Add new to create a new profile. If you select a profile from the list, you can click Edit Profile to adjust the settings of the profile. For example, you can define a certain browser and bandwidth for this profile. Click Set as active to make the selected profile the active one.
  4. Select one or more user types in the Available User Types list and click the arrow buttons to assign the user types to the workload. You can also double-click user types to move them between the Available User Types list and the User Types in Workload list.
  5. User types that are assigned to the workload are automatically selected for execution. If you want a certain user type to not be executed during the baseline run, deselect it.
  6. Click Next to advance to the next step in the workflow.
Note: The Define User Type button is only visible when simple workflow bar is enabled.
Note: By default, Silk Performer displays the simple workflow bar. To switch between the workflow bar types, right-click on the workflow bar and click Show Simple Workflow Bar, Show Full Workflow Bar, or Show Monitoring Workflow Bar.