User Input

Generally, it is desirable if user input recorded during recording sessions can be easily identified and changed (for example, randomized) in recorded scripts.

This is especially true for Siebel Web client scripts because Java applets often send values for all input fields to the server. If a new database record is created (for example, for a new customer) and the record is subsequently edited or viewed, input (for example, customer name) may appear multiple times in recorded scripts.

The Silk Performer Web Recorder:

Fragments of a Recorded Script that Includes User Input

  gsInputNewName     : string init "$NewName$";
  gsInputNewSite     : string init "_NewSite_";
  gsInputiHttp_x_com : string init "i.";

// ...

    "SWEMethod"   := "GetQuickPickInfo",
    "SWEViewId"   := "",
    "SWEView"     := "Account List View",
    "SWEApplet"   := "Account List Applet",
    "SWEField"    := "s_1_2_46_0",
    "SWERow"      := "0",
    "SWEReqRowId" := "1",
    "s_1_2_38_0"  := "N",
    "s_1_2_39_0"   := gsInputNewName, // value: "$NewName$"
    "s_1_2_40_0"   := gsInputNewSite, // value: "_NewSite_"
    "s_1_2_41_0"  := "(999) 999-9123",
    "s_1_2_37_0"  := gsInputiHttp_x_com, 
                           // value: "i."
    "s_1_2_49_0"    := "",
    "s_1_2_46_0"    := "",
    "s_1_2_44_0"    := "",
    "SWEBCVals"     := "@0`0`0`1``3``2`0`FieldValues`3``FieldArray"
                       "`4*Name8*Location17*Main Phone Number"
                       "`ValueArray`14*" + gsInputNewName + 
                       "14*" + gsInputNewSite + "10*9999999123`";

Choose input values during recording based on these descriptions so that the Web Recorder will detect them.