Using a Graph to Monitor Server Performance

  1. Click Confirm Baseline on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Confirm Baseline dialog box opens.
  2. Click Define monitoring options to specify the settings for receiving online performance data. The Profile Results dialog box opens.
  3. In the Profile Results dialog box, check the Automatically start monitoring check box to automatically start monitoring while running a load test and then choose one of the following options:
    • Click the Use default monitoring template option button.
    • Click the Use custom monitoring template option button to create a customized monitoring template.
  4. Click Create/Edit Custom Monitor Template. Performance Explorer appears.
  5. Close all monitor windows that you are not currently using.
  6. Click Monitor Server on the Performance Explorer workflow bar. Alternatively, you can choose Results > Monitor Server from the menu bar.

    The Data Source Wizard / Select Data Sources dialog box opens.

  7. Perform one of the following steps:
    • If you are certain of the data sources that the server provides, click the Select from predefined Data Sources option button to then select them from the list of predefined data sources.
    • If you are uncertain of the data sources that the server provides, click the Have Data Sources detected option button to let Performance Explorer scan the server for available data sources.
  8. Click Next. In the menu tree, expand the folder that corresponds to the OS on which the server and application are running.
  9. Select the server application you want to monitor from the list that appears. For example, to monitor the OS, select System.
  10. Click Next. The Connection Parameters dialog box opens.
  11. In the Connection parameters area, specify connection parameters such as the host name or IP address of the appropriate server system, the port number, and other data required to connect to the data source. The specified data depends on the OS running on the computer that you are monitoring.
  12. Click Next. The Select Displayed Measures dialog box opens.
  13. Expand the menu tree and select the factors you want to monitor.
  14. Click Finish. A Monitor graph shows the specified elements in a real-time, color-coded display of the server performance. Beneath the graph is a list of included elements, a color-coding key, and performance information about each element.