Exporting TSD Files As CSV Files

With the TSD to CSV feature, you can export the content of a .tsd (time series data) file to a .csv (comma separated values) file. You can then analyze and edit the data in an external spreadsheet program.

You can also use the TSD File Export Tool, a command-line tool that allows you to automate the export process.

  1. On the Results tab, in the Data Processing group, click TSD to CSV.
  2. Select a Source file, specify a name and location for your Export file, and click Next.
  3. Select the measures you want to export and click Next.
  4. Select an Export type:
    • Click Standard and specify the data source elements of the result file that must be included in the .csv file.
    • Click Dump to include all meta data in the .csv file.
  5. You can Include header information in the .csv file. Select the comma or the semicolon as your separator and select how a decimal point is to be displayed in the .csv file.
  6. Click Finish to export the data and generate the .csv file.
  7. To view the output file, click Yes on the subsequent dialog.