OraFormsMenuItem Function


OraFormsMenuItem can select a menu item from a pop-up menu that is assigned to a control or from a main menu that is assigned to a form window. Or it can be used to select a button in a form window's toolbar.

Include file



OraFormsMenuItem ( in sWindowName :  string, 
                   in sMenuName   :  string) : boolean;

Return value

  • true if successful
  • false otherwise
Parameter Description
sWindowName Unique name of the control or window that has an assigned toolbar or main window. Or where a pop-up menu has recently been activated by OraFormsMenuCreate.
sMenuName The name of the menu item that should be selected. For pop-up menus, the item name is sufficient. For main menu items, the name consists of several parts where different parts are separated by '::'. The last part is the menu item. The parts preceding are names of the main or sub menus.


transaction TMain 
    sValue :  string; 
    nFetched :  number; 
    // Connect - with connection properties 
    OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_VERSION", 608); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_RESOLUTION", 96,  96); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_DISP_SIZE", 1024,  768); 
    OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_COLOR_DEPTH", 256); 
    OraFormsSetString( "FONT_NAME" , "Dialog" ); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_SCALE_INFO", 8,  18); 
    OraFormsSetBoolean( "WINSYS_REQUIREDVA_LIST",  false); 
    OraFormsConnect( "server module=Person3.fmx userid= useSDI=yes record=names"); 
    // --- 
    // New window activated: WINDOW1 
    OraFormsSetWindow( "WINDOW1"); 
    OraFormsSetFocus( "PERSON_JOB_0"); 
    OraFormsMenuCreate( "PERSON_JOB_0", 109,  12); 
    OraFormsMenuItem( "PERSON_JOB_0",  "Action1"); 
    OraFormsMenuItem( "WINDOW1",  "Action::Exit"); 
  end  TMain;