Stepping Through SAPGUI TrueLogs

Following tests, it is typical to have multiple TrueLog On Error files open in TrueLog Explorer (one TrueLog for each virtual user who returns an error). You can jump from one error to the next sequentially as they occurred in time. This feature simplifies the process of analyzing errors because there is no need for you to manually review all open TrueLogs to find the next error in a sequence.

  1. After the completion of a load test, click Silk Performer Explore Results.
    Note: TrueLog On Error files are generated only when the Silk Performer Generate TrueLog On Error option is enabled.
    The Explore Results dialog box displays.
  2. Click TrueLog Explorer.
    Note: The TrueLog Explorer button is disabled when either no errors are detected during a test or when Truelog On Error is not enabled. In such instances, proceed directly to analyzing results with Performance Explorer.
    TrueLog Explorer launches with the TrueLog On Error files that were generated for the current test, and the Step through TrueLog dialog box displays.
  3. In the Step through TrueLog dialog box, select the appropriate option button. You can advance through:
    • All API calls (each API node)
    • All Roundtrips (SapGuiRoundtrip calls)
    • All Windows (SapGuiSetActiveWindow nodes)
    • All Customizable calls (the next node in which field value changes can be customized)
    • All errors
    TrueLog On Error files are searched sequentially, as they are recorded in time.
  4. Click Find Next to advance to the first API call, roundtrip, window, customizable call, or error.
Error messages are displayed in the Info pane. Each API node that contains a replay error is tagged with a red “X” in the TrueLog menu tree.