Cloud Agent Manager

To start the Cloud Agent Manager, click Tools in the Silk Performer menu and click Cloud Agent Manager. Then, login to an existing account or register.

The Cloud Agent Manager is an easy to use tool for managing all your CloudBurst tasks. It provides the following features:
  • Reserve Addresses: Reserve IP addresses for your cloud agents. This ensures that your cloud agents keep the same IP addresses, which prevents you from regularly recurring work like specifying IP address exceptions for your firewall.
    Note: IP addresses are perpetually reserved for 24-hour time periods until you release the IP addresses.
  • Release Addresses: Release IP addresses you have had reserved.
  • Start Agents: Start cloud agents to use them in a load test. On the Start Agents dialog, you can specify the number of agents per region as well as how and when the agents are supposed to be shut down.
  • Stop Agents: Manually stop agents when you no longer need them. On the Manage your Cloud Agents dialog, you can also see when the agents are automatically shut down, if an automatic shutdown behavior had been specified.
  • Configure VPN: Configure a CloudBurst VPN to enable testing a machine that is part of your secured company network.
  • Refresh: Refreshing the displayed data is useful as it may take some time before agents you start become available in the cloud.
  • Logout: You can find the logout button on the bottom right of the window.

Close the window to exit the Cloud Agent Manager. The list of available agents on the Workload Configuration dialog box is updated automatically.