Monitoring Oracle Performance

Drive a Silk Performer project from inside Performance Explorer to keep track of the database system's performance in real time. The Silk Performer project is located a Essential package named OracleMonitoring.sep, which is located at C:\Program Files\Silk\Silk Performer 21.0\Monitors.

  1. On the Real-Time Monitoring tab, in the Monitor group, click System. The Data Source wizard opens.
  2. Click the Select from predefined Data Sources option button.
  3. Click Next. The System selection page opens.
  4. Expand the Database System folder and the Oracle (v$sysstat) folder.
  5. Click the System Statistics (v$sysstat) node and then click Next. The Connection parameters page opens.
  6. In the Hostname text box, specify the host on which the Oracle database is running.
  7. Optional: In the Alias text box, specify an alias for the host where the Oracle database is running.
  8. Click Next. The Attributes Configuration page opens.
  9. If necessary, change the attribute values. Typically, the Oracle TNS name, UserId, and Password are included in these settings.
  10. Click OK. The Select displayed measures page opens.
  11. Check the check boxes for those measures that you want to include in the initial monitor view and then click Finish.
A connection to the specified host is established, and an initial view that contains the measures you selected is displayed.