Oracle Forms cannot be recorded


When attempting to record Oracle Forms, a dialog appears, containing the following question: Do you want to run this application? However, the Run button on this dialog cannot be clicked and therefore the recording cannot be continued. This happens primarily under Windows 7.


Navigate to the Essentials folder within your Silk Performer installation directory. Your path should resemble this one: C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Performer <version>\Essentials. Locate the respective Oracle Forms Essentials file: OraForms<version>.sep. The .sep file contains the file DeploymentRuleSet.jar. Extract the .sep file and copy DeploymentRuleSet.jar to the following directory: C:\Windows\Sun\Java\Deployment. Restart Silk Performer. Now, when you start a recording, the dialog no longer appears. DeploymentRuleSet.jar is available for Silk Performer 18.5 and newer versions.