Creating a Template for Word Overview Reports

Before you can save and use a template, create a Word overview report with all the information you want to have in the report.

  1. On the Reports tab, in the Overview Report group, click Custom Word Overview Report.
  2. Select the information that the template shall contain and click Create. Microsoft Word opens and the specified information displays.
  3. Adapt the content and the appearance of the Word document to your needs. You can add information and comments, rearrange fields, change element styles, change the header, footer, or logo, remove unwanted content, and so on.
  4. Save the Word document as .docx file and close it. Your template is created.
  5. Switch back to Performance Explorer. On the Reports tab, in the Overview Report group, click Word Overview Report from Template.
  6. Browse for the .docx file you have just defined and click Create.
Note: You can enable Use template for all future reports to always create Word overview reports based on a template. To disable this option, click the Performance Explorer application button (on the top left) and click Options. Click the Reporting tab and disable Use template (.docx) when creating a new Word Overview Report.