Viewing Page Statistics

After verifying the accuracy of a test run, TrueLog Explorer can analyze the performance of the application under “no-load” conditions via the Statistics tab under the Information pane. The Overview page details total page response times, document download times (including server busy times), and time elapsed for receipt of embedded objects.

Detailed Web page statistics show exact response times for individual Web page components. These detailed statistics assist you in pinpointing the root causes of errors and slow page downloads.

Detailed Web page drill-down results include the following data for each page component:
Time Description
DNS The time to translate a host name into an IP address.
Connect The time to establish a connection to a server.
SSL Handshake The time to establish a secure layer on an existing connection. The client and server exchange certificates and agree on an encryption technology including related keys to secure data transmission.
Send The time to hand over the request data from Silk Performer to the operating system. This value does not include the time required to send the request data from the operating system to the server.
Server busy The time to send the request data from the operating system to the server, the time to calculate the response data on the server, and the time to send the first byte of the response data from the server to the client (including network latency).
Receive The time to receive the entire response data.
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