Introduction to Silk Performer

Silk Performer is the enterprise-class solution for software-application performance, load, and stress testing. Silk Performer is used to assess the performance of Internet servers, database servers, distributed applications, and middleware, both before and after they are fully developed. Silk Performer helps you to quickly and cost-effectively produce reliable, high-quality application solutions.

Silk Performer creates highly realistic and fully customizable load-tests . It accomplishes this task through the use of virtual users that automatically submit transactions to systems under test in the same manner as real users.

Using a minimum of hardware resources, you can generate tests that simulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users. You can also use Silk Performer's powerful reporting tools both during and after load tests to analyze the performance of servers and to locate bottlenecks so you can maximize the potential of your system.

Questions That Silk Performer Can Help You Answer

  • How many simultaneous users can my server support?
  • What response times do my users experience during peak hours?
  • Which hardware and software products do I need to ensure optimum performance from my server?
  • Which components are the bottlenecks in my system?
  • What is the performance impact on my system of employing security technology?
  • Which areas of my application perform adequately, and which areas contain bottlenecks in the forms of business transactions, objects, and operations that can be evaluated?
  • Which factors affect performance? What effects do they have? And at what point do such factors impact service levels?