TuxAuthInit Function


Manages joining a TUXEDO System application. Before a client is able to use any of the TUXEDO System communication or transaction routines, it must first join a TUXEDO System application. This function joins the client to a TUXEDO System application. In addition, this function is used to provide application authentication (if required). After this function successfully completes, the client can initiate service requests and define transactions.

To join a TUXEDO System application, use this function rather than the native Tux_tpinit function.

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TuxAuthInit( in sUserName   : string optional,
             in sClientName : string optional,
             in sPassword   : string optional,
             in sGroupName  : string optional,
             in nFlags      : number optional,
             in nDataSize   : number optional,
             in sData       : string optional ): boolean;

Return value

  • true if successful

  • false otherwise

Parameter Description
sUserName User name (optional). This parameter represents the name of the caller commonly entered in logon dialogs
sClientName Client name (optional). The semantics of this parameter are application-specific
sPassword Application password in unencrypted format (optional). This parameter is used for validation against the application password
sGroupName Group name (optional). This parameter is used to associate the client with a resource manager group name

Indicates the client-specific notification mechanism (optional). Any of the following flags is valid:

  • TPU_MASK. Unsolicited notification

  • TPU_SIG. Select unsolicited notification by signals

  • TPU_DIP. Select unsolicited notification by dip-in

  • TPU_IGN. Ignore unsolicited notification

nDataSize Size of the application-specific data passed to the function (optional)
sData Application-specific data that is forwarded to an application-defined authentication service (optional)


  transaction TInit
    // set environment variables
    // join TUXEDO System application    TuxAuthInit("user", "*", "pass", "", 2, 4, "pass");
  end TInit;

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