Suggested Profile Settings

Control Information

When running large load tests it is recommended that you disable the Log control information in TrueLog setting. This improves the overall performance of each executed virtual user. With this option enabled, all controls of each window iteration are logged to the TrueLog, which is resource (CPU) intensive.

By instead enabling Log control information on error, you still gain the benefit of seeing each control of the windows on which errors occur.


Screenshots are only captured when SAPGUI is run in visible mode. This behavior can be enabled/disabled via the Show SAPGUI during single runs profile setting. When running load tests, this setting is automatically disabled regardless of profile settings. This ensures that screenshots will not be taken during load tests and thereby impact the overall performance of virtual users.

When errors occur, you can however see control information in a TrueLog On Error file if either the Log control information on error or Log control information in TrueLog option is enabled. Control information is displayed in a tree structure, which enables you to see which controls led to errors and the screen coordinates of those controls. To visually see where controls are located, open corresponding record and replay TrueLogs in compare mode and synchronize them. You can then compare the state of a control when an application was recorded with the state of that same control when the script was replayed.