SetLogOption Function


Specifies whether to generate log files (.log), and if so, which kind of information to write to the files. Log files contain information about timers, transactions performed by a user, and function calls invoked by the transactions. A separate log file is generated for each virtual user.

Note: This function overrides the settings in the General tab of the Profile Settings - Results dialog.

Include file



SetLogOption( in nOption : number );
Parameter Description

Logging option. If this parameter is set to 0, no log files are generated. Otherwise, if any combination of the following flags is passed to the function, a separate log file for each virtual user is generated.

  • OPT_LOG_ALL. Include all available types of information

  • OPT_LOG_TRANSACTIONS. Include an overview of all transactions a user performs

  • OPT_LOG_TIMERS. Include information of automatic and custom timers

  • OPT_LOG_APICALLS. Include an overview of all Silk Performer API calls a user performs

  • OPT_LOG_INFORMATIONAL. Include additional information, for example, connection information

  • OPT_LOG_DATA. Include data exchanged with the server

  • OPT_LOG_NONPRINTABLECHAR. Display in the log file all nonprintable characters as dots.


  transaction TInit
    // include in the log file all transaction and
    // API function calls a user performs
  end TInit;